Designing a Senior­ Friendly Blended Learning Environment ­ A Case Study of Flipped Learning Combined with a MOOC in Japan


Global MOOC users' median age often is 20­30s, whereas the first Japanese MOOC in Japan acquired unusual registrants whose median age was nearly 60. One reason for this would be its subject on Japanese history, while we faced several challenges to assist seniors in online learning on MOOCs and collaborative work with others with different backgrounds in face­to­face settings. In this talk, I will share our operational episodes and results of learning analytics to discuss practical issues of online learning for seniors and what kind of elements and assistance may be needed to design senior­friendly MOOCs and blended learning environments.


Hiroki Oura

Hiroki Oura is a Specially Appointed Associate Professor at Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning, Tokyo Institute of Technology. He was co­awarded Science Prize for Inquiry­Based Instruction (IBI) in 2013 for a curriculum module development project to engage high­school students in database research on smoking behavior during his graduate work at University of Washington (where he earned his Ph.D. in Learning Sciences and Human Development in 2015). He has recently worked on research projects of MOOCs and Flipped Learning in school and out­of­school contexts. His research interests include technology­enhanced scaffolding and assessment methods in scientific thinking and epistemic cognition.